Why Developers Pick Nodejs for the Development of Web Applications?

Web development has extremely experienced change due to JavaScript programming language and data format (JSON). Now the trend is to integrate Node.js with the JavaScript to do the task on the server and the browser side.

The real-life proof of Node’s efficiency can be made out from the services like PayPal, Uber, eBay, Netflix. It is a server-side environment that lets Node developers for the first time to build servers and networks applications with JavaScript. On a unified JavaScript stack entire sites can be run.

Since the launch of this open source cross-platform runtime environment it has been enjoying developers’ attention. For real-time applications, it serves as the exceptional choice.

It is a top choice for developers when they consider web application development because of its packed features. On a variety of servers like Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X; its applications can be run.

Why Node.js for web applications?

In several ways, the Node.js is considered very distinctive. Its server-side platform results in fast processing capability. The JavaScript is not limited to the front-end only as it also allows work away from the browser. It is efficient due to the number of reasons.

Performance & Scalability:

The event-driven and single-threaded architecture of Node.js make it easy to handle numerous simultaneous connections competently. It makes use of event loop and callbacks for I/O operations as it operates on a single thread. It delegates tasks such as database operations. In this way, it gets way to handle millions of concurrent connections.

From the get-go, the Node.js holds scalability. Over multiple CPU cores, it enables load balancing due to the powerful features such as Cluster module. It is easy to monitor, enhance and organize node applications with the help of robust tools like PM2 process manager.

Cross-Functional Teams:

Being JavaScript, the developers can act as the full-stack as the gap is filled between the frontend and backend skills. The full-stack developers familiar with the JavaScript can work both on client and server-side. It provides better agility, revolution and smoother teamwork. Every member is accountable for the complete lifecycle of the app like hosting, testing, writing code and much more.

Experts related to quality assurance, infrastructure engineers, and front and backend development all are included in the team.

Real-time applications:

The real-time applications can be easily developed with Node.js as it is apt for real-time collaborative drawing/editing-type apps. Live-chats and instant-messaging apps are the popular ones. It is also great to create video conferencing app that works with specific hardware or VoIP. For online gaming apps or e-commerce transactions software, the Node.js can be considered.

It simplifies handling multiple client requests, data sync proceeds very fast between the client and the server, and it allows sharing and reusing packages of library code as it is very efficient with real-time applications.

Data streaming:

The developers leverage the data streaming to enjoy the amazing advantages while creating the feature like- processing the files while they are uploaded. It helps in reducing the processing time. The developers working on real-time audio or video-encoding will be profited from this feature.

Proxy server:

It can be employed to proxy many services, though there are differences in the active time. From different sources, it can stream the data. It can serve as the proxy server if an enterprise lacks its professional proxy infrastructure. This situation may arise if a server-side application is employed for communicating with third-party resources.


The developers can build large-scale web applications easily and quickly with JavaScript programming language. Without any hassle, it will allow to build the highly interactive web app along with it enhance the speed, performance, usability, functionality and features of the application.

Node.js proves to be a game-changing technology as the developers can write JavaScript server-side and client-side coding. The developers can save time as it becomes easy to automatically send and synchronize the data between these two points (server and client side). It works as a plethora of practical solutions. Hire Node.JS developer for your next project.

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