React Native vs Xamarin: Which one is better Cross-platform Mobile Framework

The mobile application is on the up in this digital world. The cross-platform solutions allow developing an app that works on both iOS and Android. In the Google Play store and Apple app store, thousands of new applications are being set out.

There is a great rise in the business of mobile application. Xamarin and React Native are the two most popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks. Which technology is considered best for different perspectives?

React Native

The top users of React Native are Airbnb, Skype, Tesla and Walmart. Over 100 apps are developed with this framework on Facebook showcase.


Over years it has gained many positive reviews. According to the Indeed stats, there is an increasing number of Xamarian developers.

React Native vs Xamarin

Market share-

React Native — From startups to Fortune 500 companies, there is an upward trend in the use of React Native. The renowned businesses are employing it like Fronts like Recruitment Group, Lazada, Guardian and much more.

Xamarin- Over 15 thousand companies enjoy Microsoft’s Xamarin technology. It supports the testing ecosystem, allows developers to reuse code and debug products. The popular apps built using Xamarin are –The World Bank, Just Giving, Storyo.


React Native — Employs the modern one-way data flow that comes along with React. In a minimal way, it can be fecund.

Xamarin- You would prefer Xamarin if you are an ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms or other MV developer. It deals with the MVVM framework style.

Community & Assistance

React Native — In smaller amount there is the support of the developer as it is a younger tool. In lesser amount, the developers possess the depth of knowledge.

Xamarin- In websites like Stack Overflow, community support forums and blogs you will find a great deal of backing.

Compilation time and development speed –

Xamarin — The compilation time will last longer as your Xamarin app grows. By using the Visual Studio, the debugging the application code is done in the same way as any othReact Native — er .NET application.

Recommended development environment

Xamarin- The most popular is Microsoft’s Visual Studio to work with Xamarian. At free of cost, you can download Visual Studio Community that includes Android SDK to create Android applications.


Xamarian- It requires users to install IDE as it is a member of the Visual Studio family. On the basis of subscription, it is distributed. The professional and enterprise licenses provide additional features.

How React Native is beneficial?

  • Driven by the developer community
  • “Live Reload” Capability
  • Vigorous Performance
  • Modular and Intuitive design

What are the benefits of Xamarin?

  • Native-like UX
  • Open Source
  • Provides full hardware support
  • Simplified Maintenance

Conclusive thought

To the mobile applications development, Xamarin stays close to the classical approach. If you prefer fancy features like hot reloading and instant updates, then React Native is an apt choice.

It will be easy and quick to learn Xamarin if your development team is familiar with .NET, on the other hand, the development team possessing knowledge with JavaScript technology, then React Native is suitable for them. If you have any kind of inquiry contact react native development company.

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