How AI is Used in Digital Marketing in 2020

Hello everyone ! Do you know guys what is AI?

AI determines Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that indicates the nature of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Nowadays AI plays a very important role in marketing.

With a new concept of Machine Learning, it helps to anticipate the journey of customers. This technology set up “think” like humans. The main benefits of AI in digital marketing is it can help you deliver improved customer. This is the most important topic of Digital Marketing Trends 2020.

  • It is AI-driven media and entertainment
  • It has a cybersecurity system
  • There is automation in the workplace
  • Facial recognition
  • Privacy and policy
  • Voice SEO

Nowadays AI is playing a crucial role in economics. Movie and gaming are having high costs in it. AI sector is known to be inevitable.AI also helps in playing a role in scripting, production and many more activities. It impacts everything from content to consumer creation. The metadata can be created automatically by AI.

From decades the digital world is moving fast and changes are even going more faster. Cyberattack is spreading widely and it affects government bodies, individual and business. Cybersecurity helps to boost and expand attack in huge menaces. Cybercrime and cybersecurity are going to change.

Nowadays some of the issues have been biased.AI has to eliminate 1.8 billion jobs by 2020. Some assumptions will take away human jobs. In 2020 automation will create a job in sectors.

Facial Recognition is a technology that can be defined as technology and can be also identified or verify the person from the digital image or video-based on facial contours. Facial expressions are used in many industries as well as applications. This technology helps to understand faces in images or videos from facial recognition.

E.G. Amazon Recognition provides agencies with tools such as traffic jams.

Privacy policy means where we can collect and disclose the information. In 2018 GDRP was one of the main privacy and policy conversation. In 2020 it will increase in individual privacy. AI will take away human jobs.

Nowadays technology like a mobile phone has become more priority for humans. Als of the phone can identify the music and also track the music and can find a similar type of music. Voice SEO takes search over 50% by 2020 and is also important to optimize the voice.

Nowadays voice search by phone is not limited to phones. It helps to present off-screen like Google Home and Amazon. The expected amount of voice search is 30% in 2020. Long-tail keyword helps to boost SEO. Artificial Intelligence also helps for the good knowledge of advertisements, ads by targeted customers.

I am Full Spectrum Writer about programming. #Writer #thinker #Nodejs #ROR #angular #programming #development

I am Full Spectrum Writer about programming. #Writer #thinker #Nodejs #ROR #angular #programming #development